Devin Campbell - Architectural Photographer

Devin Campbell -
Architectural Photographer

The images chosen on my website are based on variety, style and color and are intended to depict my technical execution and stylistic approach.

Crafting pictures is how I describe my creative process. My specialty is architecture and designer spaces. Each shot is meticulously crafted through execution and processing. It’s a challenging genera for a few reasons. There are usually lots of windows and beautiful expensive lighting in the spaces I shoot. The challenge becomes managing the brightness and color of each source. I use a flash to aid this process allowing me to harmonize the natural and incandescent color spectrum. Essentially, allowing me to shoot accurately in any light condition with the room lights on- an aspect designers point out since so much of the budget goes into lighting. Shooting in this manner requires equipment with substantial resolution and dynamic range. I am currently using a Hasselblad 16 bit Medium Format system which guarantees my clients the finest high resolution files for brochures, magazine ads, large prints, etc. as well as any unique requests. Within the photo industry image quality is paramount, and I dedicate everything to that cause. But, I may argue, customer service is what drives my business. I take great pride in giving my clients exactly what they ask of me. Among the professionals I work with are interior designers, home staggers, architects and builders as well as marketing departments around the Philadelphia area. References and pricing upon request. Hop over to my journal to see more