Devin Campbell - Architectural Photographer

Devin Campbell -
Architectural Photographer

My portfolio represents a few shots that I feel best depict my technical execution and stylistic approach. The images chosen were based on the lighting situation, variety and colors.

Making rooms look their best is my passion. I work tirelessly developing and practicing my techniques, many of which I've personally developed to help me deal with the enormous amount of different lighting situations that must be managed during each session. Building my technique to accomplish this has been a rewarding journey and one that has guided me to making photos as close to the way one experiences a space as possible.

My customer base are real estate agents who hire me to photograph their homes. Every session, no matter the price of the home, is looked at as an opportunity to do great work. There are all kind of marketing techniques used in real estate, but I know that the most important dollars spent must be on strong photography. I hear more frequently homeowners expressing to me that their agent choice was based on the agent's photos. The visual side of the sale is vital in today's market and I aim to deliver that  punch. Along with the low resolution photos for the internet, I also supply high resolution files for brochures, magazine ads and other print needs. I also work with designers, both interior and landscape, home staggers, architects and builders as well as marketing departments around the Philadelphia and Delaware areas. References and pricing upon request.