Devin Campbell - Architectural Photographer

Devin Campbell -
Architectural Photographer

My portfolio represents a few shots that I feel best depict my technical execution and stylistic approach. The images chosen for my website are based on variety, style and color.

Crafting pictures is how I title my creative process. Each shot is essentially a one of kind. Meticulously crafted through execution and processing. I work continually to advance and practice my techniques, many of which I've personally developed to help me with the numerous lighting situations managed during a session. I use flashes to obtain the perfect color spectrum and boost over all brightness which makes a sharp, stable photo. The evolution of the techniques to accomplish this has been a rewarding journey. One that has guided me to crafting photos close to the way we experience the space. The iconic architectural images of the past were all shot with Large Format or Medium Format camera systems. I am currently using a Hasselblad 16 bit Medium Format system which guarantees my clients the finest high resolution files for brochures, magazine ads and any other demands they may request. Image quality is paramount, but I may argue customer service is what drives my business. I take great pride in giving my clients exactly what they ask of me. Among the professionals I have worked with are interior designers, home staggers, architects and builders as well as marketing departments around the Philadelphia area. References and pricing upon request.